The Philosopher’s Stone of Enthusiasm

When God sent his children to this world, what would the divine parents, dear Lord, have expected from him? As a fragment of the Almighty- we must keep the holy stream of enthusiasm, hard work flowing in our life, to accomplish the aspirations of God. Let other touch the sacred springs of zeal. The movements of excitement are to be dispersed in the atmosphere.

Once we set a goal for development of life, it needs to be fuelled by power of enthusiasm. Based on my life experiences, I can say that the philosophy of enthusiasm can make us do wonderful things in life, can bring revolution. To keep our zeal fiery forever:

  1. Always adopt the virtue of positivity, draw and portray a mental picture corresponding to our enthusiasm before our eyes.
  2. Presume this imaginary zeal is already manifested in our inner world. The horizons of enthusiasm will initiate to expand.
  3. Make a resolution that the enthusiasm within me is growing and repeat that constantly.
  4. The quality of enthusiasm is already within us; it only needs to be manifested.
  5. Our work becomes stunning, when we let the source of enthusiasm flow within us.
  6. Prayer of the Supreme is the Philosopher’s Stone. Which can make our life valuable just by a touch. Enthusiasm can also help us do wonderful things in life.

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