Prem Gangotri

Love is the elixir of human life. It is the source of all the virtues of human life.

God is the form of love. The original nature of the soul is love. But the perturbations of the environment create obstacles in its loving nature. Atma (Soul) is an element of God, so love every living soul on this God’s creation.

Almighty God is holy fountain of love

He who lives in my heart

Good prevails into this whole world

May such a spirit always be around

The easiest way to manifest love is to bestow. To give unattached love with body, mind, wealth, and warmth. Love is a continuous channel of giving. In order to reveal, to develop the infinite power of the soul, one must keep uninterruptedly irrigating the flow of love. Cultivate the spirit of brotherhood in this world, exchange love. And let’s keep creating heavenly happiness in every life. In order to develop spiritually in life, to become one with the divine, keep the flow of love flowing continuously with positivity, discipline, Self-Control, goodwill and charity.

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