Life is an endless journey

Our human life is a purposeful planning of God. The ‘roadmap’ of our life is formulated according to his wishes. The planning from the first breath (birth) to the last breath (death) of our life is determined according to our destiny.

When we try to live a pious, positive, subtle life by following God’s plan, we can become the beneficiaries of God’s grace. When we consider God’s will as supreme and comprehend devotion towards god (Prabhunishtha) and life (Jivannishtha) exactly, then we can become the beloved child of Almighty.

Our life is the light of God, a gleam of supreme’s consciousness. Ramakrishna Paramahansaji said, “This life is just a fragment of infinity.” The soul has nothing to do with life or death. The body can be unhealthy, but the soul is always healthy.

Life is a sacred element. It should be used to the best of its ability. The health, cleanliness of the body chariot-temple – is like the worship of the soul and life. If the body is strong, we will be able to do the right things. We can glorify life and death by undertaking virtuous deeds that illuminate the consciousness of life.

Pious and positive life is the only genuine life. Breathing in and out is not the ultimate goal of life. True worship is that which gives peace in life, satiates the soul, uplifts the soul and piously contents life. Life is an endless journey.

ૐ મા ૐ 
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