Let’s get success in life

May we experience overall development in our life, may we get success in every field, small and big, and may we be fortunate to make a loving place in the hearts of the people. To achieve such a success in life, here are some of the principles according to my experience:

  1. Planning of our time and punctuality are essential. Discipline of time is required to acquire public trust.
  2. One should be able to work alongside their colleagues with modesty and discretion. Must be honest and sensitive. Don’t let prejudices get to your mind.
  3. One should always speak with discretion and empathy.
  4. Set-up a goal in life with confidence and be determined to complete the task with confidence and persistence.
  5. Show competency, enthusiasm and loyalty to be your distinctive specialty in performing your duties and completion of work.
  6. Cultivate equanimity in your nature. Have self-restraint.
  7. By working with the spirit of co-operation, goodwill and dedication, we can be blessed with the grace of God.

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