Let’s celebrate humanity

Poet Narsingh Mehta’s bhajan:

Vaishnava Jana, is he,

who feels the pain of others,

tries his best to be benevolent, but never be proud….

This is an excellent example of spreading humanity in human-beings. God has made some distinction between humans and animal or other species. The power of the mind, the virtues of the mind, the wisdom of the mind in the humans prove them to be superior to other species.

Eating, sleeping, fear, association are all normal instincts in any living species but human beings have the driving force of virtues like prudence, self-control, goodwill, kindness, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, which keeps humanity emerging in humans. The virtue of humanity keeps evolving.

According to Sri Vivekananda,

“Be human, let be human,

Be righteous, be brave,

Be generous, be diligent, be virtuous,

Be kind, be determined,

Spread the message of humanity,

Virtues are the treasures of humanity, the fragrance of the human mind, which radiates the fragrance of humanity.

1.       A humane person selflessly contributes his body, mind, wealth and heart to the happiness and suffering of others.

2.       One who lives selfishly and works hard only for himself, has the quality of animality.

3.       Those who enjoy themselves by torturing others, robbing others, are demons. They have the demon like evil quality.

A person who makes philanthropy his life mantra is considered an ardent worshiper of humanity. The personality of a person who imbibes humanity is always serene, humble, simple and pious. Has modesty, ethics and equivalence. Humans are resolute to follow the principles of humanity. Those who adopt the ideals of humanity in life become beloved children of God – Prophets. Becomes the saviour of the human race.

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