Be a master of the situation


Be a master of the situation

13 Aug 2021,

Serial Number 219

August 2021

In the current pandemic situation of Covid-19, we have observed that many people have become victim of the situation, anxiety and terror of fear has invited disease into their mind and then into their body. They have forgotten to surrender to God.

The root of every illness lies in our mental disorders and emotions. We are suffering with the nexus of fear and hatred, which has a detrimental effect on our mind and body.

Our self-confidence awakens our dormant powers. Submission to God, pious company of Saint, religious guru, and their graceful blessings, illuminates and awakens our self-power.

Negativity, viruses of diseases, ignorance are all adversary and destructive elements, to conquer them we must activate our self-power. With the glory of positivity, harmony and self-empowerment, the impure element can do us no harm. No evil, inauspicious element can come near of us.

By the potential of our spiritual power, let us become masters of the situation, not slaves. To increase self-empowerment, become a collaborating lord of spiritual power and get-rid of the internal and external evils.

Aum Ma Aum

– Rajyogi Narendraji