Torch of self-confidence

For the comprehensive development of life, to achieve success in life, it is necessary to keep the flame of self-confidence burning forever.

How to keep torch of self-confidence burning?

We must establish an atmosphere full of faith and positivity inside our minds.

1. God is with me always. My life is being guided by the inspiration from God.

2. The divine power of the Supreme Being (God) is flowing within me.

3. Cultivate the confidence that I am fulfilling all my responsibility through the divine power of God and that I will succeed.

4. Discard the feeling of inferiority complex. There is no need to be astonished by others or feel inferior.

5. Do not embrace obstacles by creating imaginary situation in mind. Remind yourself that God is with me.

6. Let only optimistic thoughts ascend in our minds.

7. Let an unblemished picture of your success emerge in your mind.

When the gloom and despair of worries, frustrations, discrepancies prevail in life, let us keep the torch of self-confidence ignited by providing the power of prayer-remembrance of God. The support of pious company helps reinforce self-confidence.

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