Spiritual Guiding light


Spiritual Guiding light

01 Aug 2021,

Dear beloved children,

Today, on auspicious day of Gurupurnima, I lovingly accept heartfelt salutation filled with loved from all of you. For last forty-five years, Mataji has manifested a spiritual inspiration in this elixir ocean of humanity, through me. It has always been my endeavour that the light of this beacon makes the life of every needy person comfortable, instinctive and successful.

The support, co-operation and dedicated hard work of all the devotees, will aid in bringing the disoriented traveller of life, to a destination.

There is a statement in the Upanishads that, “You know that by knowing everything can be known”

God says that:

“Along with elevation of yourself, you should be helpful to others too.”

On this auspicious occasion, my wish from the bottom of my heart is that, my admirers, devotees, children to establish the torch of humanity as a beacon of light in the ocean of humanity. Stuck in the ocean of the world, mislaid, frustrated – disappointed, brightens the path of the wayfarer, provides right guidance, and delivers to the destination.

Children who want to progress and develop spiritually through forty-five years of cohabitation, pious company, self-learning and co-operation must have picked up the pace of development. The horizons of the reunion of God (Shiva) and Soul (Jiva) will be accessible. One must get ready to see the Almighty enthroned on the throne of heart, to get guidance, for conscience travel.

The message from the Almighty, that is developing in the inner soul is that:

1). Knowledge, devotion and duties (Karma) are the three foundations of our diligence of life, on which our spiritual edifice can be built and decorated.

2). I will guide you, have patience and faith, perform your duties (Karma), be committed, and continue praying.

3). Along with elevation of yourself – you must help others, physically, mentally and financially.

4). Give courage to the person who is frustrated and has lost their morale. Give love. Help them with a sweet smile.

5). Remember, sharing /giving will multiple many times over. The vessel will be over full.

6). The power of prayer, remembrance will shine the light. The journey will turn out to be a special (Rajmarg).

7). By having faith, shelter of the Supreme, selfless service and remembrance of the Almighty, one will continue to be the beloved of the Supreme.


Keep assimilating the eighteen elements of Rajgita in your life.

God’s light will shine on the horizon of reunion of God (Shiva) and Soul (Jiva).

My blessing to you all.


Aum Ma Aum

– Rajyogi Narendraji