Self – restraint

In the age of machines, the human mind is being very distracted. Following the delusion of desires, vices, immoralities and malpractices start entering our mind. Gradually along with our mind, our life also becomes unrestrained and unstable. How to bring such an uncontrolled life under the control of our soul?

When we let our speech, behaviour, and conduct flow in the stream of conscience, and immerse in the ocean of restraint, only then we can become the lord of soothing, pious self-restraint.

Take shelter in Rajgita to be able to foster self-control. Assimilating the eighteen elements of Rajgita, will lead us to self-discipline. Moreover, Swami Vivekananda’s precious guidance will impact and change human life.

Swami Vivekanandaji states that to cultivate self-control,

1. Move away if someone leads you into an argument.

2. Show equality, though every person is different based on their form and nature.

3. Possess childlike innocence, simplicity.

4. Dismiss our egoistic thoughts.

5. Unproductive / worthless conflict is a great sin.

6. Put off the sectarian / communal sentiments.

7. By being constantly connected with Almighty, light of self-control will pervade throughout life.

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