Let’s light the lamp of Courtesy

If human life is to be adorned with the swastika of happiness, peace, contentment and restraint – then the lamp of discretion must be kept burning. Prudence means to develop understanding of both good and bad manners, to be able to differentiate between them and to exercise courtesy in speech, conduct, practice.

It is well understood that,
Vivek Bhrashtanaam Bhavati Vinipat: Shatmukhen
(Vivek vartananam bhavati vinipata: satmukhen)

Missing prudence in life, will certainly lead to downfall, loss, grief, sorrow, penance.

Discretion is the chief of virtues. One who has his conscience is at the forefront in life, always achieves success, cooperation, goodwill in life.

According to the capacity of our body, mind and money, we should appropriately use it in the field of austerity (Penance), devotion, charity and kindness. Care should always be taken that the lamp of wisdom is not extinguished by vices like ego, selfishness, hastiness etc. Lack of patience and self-control leads to wrongdoing. And then comes the turn of repentance.

Listen quietly if there is a group conversation. Give opinion only if and when required and asked for.

“Exhibit discernment in speech.”

When starting any work, pondering about the result, with wisdom, will lead to success. If we cultivate courtesy with righteous, positive, virtuous qualities, we can get sweet nectar rich results. To experience happiness, peace, contentment and serenity throughout life, it is necessary to mindfully practice courtesy.

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