In search of happiness and peace

It is a desire of every human being that his life journey should be full of happiness, peace, joy and in the presence of the Supreme. But usually not all our wishes are fulfilled. What is the reason for that?

The human mind is the centre of pious and profane thoughts. It is up to us to preoccupy the mind with ascending (soaring) or descending qualities. A sound, healthy body, economic capability, self-disciplined learning, virtuous company and pious environment are the basic requirements for happiness, peace. At the same time the control of impulses, self-discipline, contentment and mental richness of conscience contribute significantly in making us pilgrims of the holy path.

To get happiness, peace in real life, the joy of a prosperous life, if one accepts my tangible thoughts, orders, conduct in life, then one will feel the ocean of happiness, peace, prosperity rising in life.

  1. The nine principles of my life must be obeyed.
  2. Do not be involved in gossip of others, always keep in mind the principle that not even a leaf can move without God’s will.
  3. Enjoy the present. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t worry about the future.
  4. Maintain mental balance in any situation considering only God’s will as supreme.                                
  5. Let us swallow bitter words, ignore disliking things, talk and environment, do not allow it to enter your mind.
  6. Do not allow prejudices, preconceptions to enter the mind.
  7. Be tolerant, forgiving.
  8. Do not create unrest by upholding expectation.
  9. Realize that self-satisfaction is the gift of the Supreme, the gift of grace.

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