Happiness is a divine (medicinal) herb

Happiness is pervading everywhere in God’s creation (World). We can always observe happiness in lives of animals, birds, trees, flowers, etc.

Happiness means proximity with the ultimate

Lord Krishna has said in Gita that…

“Prasanna Chetso Dhyashu Buddhi: Peryavatishhtate”

Happiness stabilizes the human intellect. Can be focused on the target. And can achieve the target from time to time. Only a contented person can become beneficiary of the love of the divine, can enjoy the proximity of the divine by meditating and cultivating concentration in worship.

According to Swami Vivekananda, “Being contented will lead you closer to God faster.” Happiness is the (medicinal) herb that helps liberate from the worldly troubles, sorrows and sufferings. Which has been given, by God, to every person as soon as he is born. But because of ignorance we wander in the outer world in search of happiness. The external happiness and pleasures are temporary.

This divine herb can only be found when we start the internal journey by keeping the mind and intellect stable and concentrated. By which our life and the whole environment is pervaded with happiness, and makes the life of others sweet-joyful too.

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