Purification of life


Purification of life

10 Sep 2021,

Sr. No. 219

September 2021

Purification of life, purification of body, purification of mind, etc the basis of all these purifications is thought purification. The noble thought leads to development and the inferior thought leads to destruction, its due to our thoughts that a person could progress or be doomed.

Soap is necessary for cleansing our body. Similarly, meditation, prayer, worship are important for the purification of our mind, and pious company (satsang), self-learning (Swadhyay) are vital for the purification of our thoughts.

A Sanskrit maxim:

Prachanhu pratyavaikshet narashcharit ma mana: |

Kin tu me pashubhinstulyam kin nu satpurusheyariti ||


This proverb advises us to be carefully cautious about to what extent we are like animals and to what extent like virtuous men. The person who thinks of his own happiness, is Self-centred is like an animal. A virtuous person possesses a benevolent personality, who ignores his own troubles and helps others by being thoughtful about their happiness.

Self-awareness is an initial step towards purification of life. For purification of life one requires assurance and firm determination. The eighteen elements of Rajagita are the elixirs cup for purification of life. By assimilating these eighteen elements of Rajgita, life becomes pure, holy and Soul (Jiva) becomes one with God (Shivamaya). The soul becomes divine.

The great motto of purification of life is to start a small act of service. If our resolution is pure, they will become a giant (big) from a dwarf (small).

Aum Ma Aum

– Rajyogi Narendraji