The twilight of life


The twilight of life

24 Apr 2021,

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February 2005

As the dawn rises in the eastern sky and the twilight falls in the western sky, we can observe redness spreads through the sky and creating a pleasant scene. Dawn welcomes the sun, whereas twilight bids farewell to the sun.

Childhood is dawn of life. It welcomes the radiant light and hard work of youth. The twilight of life gives instinct of the break, to the old age that is headed to end. The sun at noon is at its hottest. In youth, all-round development can be achieved by warming up like the midday sun and by passionate efforts. This precious stage of life can be used in the work of self and collective upliftment. Discernment (politeness) can be developed in the life by acquiring virtuous knowledge. By using the powers of body and mind, discretionarily, you can make youth smarter, brighter, and stronger. Aging can be excited.

The sun become gentle, as it approaches twilight, and drift away from the midday. People go to Sunset Point to see the redness of the setting light, the changing colours, and its disappearance with pride.

Let us enjoy the evenings of our life along with our family and relatives, take advantage of the strong roots of aging, respect their knowledge and experience. Let the gentle tint of your nature, mindset, and personality, be acknowledged by family members and relatives, and spread across the family. Let us passionately work towards leading this kind of twilight of life. Only if our evening is inspirational to the others, we become everyone’s beloved.

The time of dissolution can be enjoyed with delight and contentment by cultivating a positive attitude, silence, consideration of existence, and always being in remembrance of Almighty.

Aum Maa Aum


– Rajyogi Naredraji