The spiritual master (Sadguru) makes us progress towards a divine life


The spiritual master (Sadguru) makes us progress towards a divine life

16 Jul 2019, Gurupurnima


Tuesday 16th July 2019

“The spiritual master (Sadguru) makes us progress towards a divine life”

Dear ones,

On the auspicious occasion of GuruPurnima, may the soothing light of the full moon always fill your heart with joy. May this light awaken divine reverberations in your consciousness. May your life be full of love. May you always receive the divine energy to fulfill your spiritual ambitions and expectations. May you always receive the inspiration of the Supreme Power. These are my blessings to you. And this is my prayer to the Divine Mother (Maa Bhagwati), who is the Supreme Power.

May your life progress in the environment of truth, love and compassion. May you evolve spiritually. May your present lifetime be adorned with happiness, peace and contentment. I constantly make efforts towards this, for the faithful devotees.

For the holistic development of your life, I have bestowed upon you many boons such as the armors for liberation from negative karmic consequences of prior wrongful conduct (paap karma mukti kavach), spiritual upliftment (adhyatmik kavach) and prosperity through rightful means (samruddhi kavach). May your material and spiritual life be prosperous. May your actions be on the path of righteousness (dharma). You must strive to create an environment in your life that enables worship, association with holy persons, self-study of scriptures, selfless service and virtuousness (satvik).

Since the last forty-three years we are progressing on the path of spirituality. In one’s own way each devotee should assess and evaluate one’s progress on the path of dharma (rightful conduct) and spirituality.

There must be a positive transformation in our speech, conduct and behavior. Discretion (viveka) must always remain awakened. The application of virtues must spread extensively.

My dear ones, those of you who have been endeavoring to progress on the spiritual path in the pilgrimage of life since many years, you must become self-reliant. You must understand the essence of the grace of the Supreme Power and blessings of the spiritual master (Sadguru). Recognize this as a priceless spiritual treasure and constantly reminisce about it.

Many new and young followers, in their journey of life, desire to join the spiritual path. However, they are entwined in the conflicts of their subtle body which comprises of the mind, intellect and senses. They are unable to decide.

You must awaken your discretion with dispassion when your present lifestyle, this age of machines and the impact of electronic media becomes an impediment to your virtuous (satvik) desires. And thus, resolve to travel on the path of spirituality.

Dharma (rightful conduct) is the first step on the path of spirituality. Our duty is our dharma. Ethics, integrity and morality are the pillars of dharma. Our virtuous conduct makes us understand the essence of dharma. Dharma is the pillar of rightful conduct, piety and oneness.

You will be blessed with the association of a true spiritual master (Sadguru) if you follow the path of dharma in life. The pillar of dharma will be strengthened by associating with holy persons. There will be a dawn of spirituality.

Our mother, father and the spiritual master mould and shape our life. Our parents are our first teacher in life. Parents bestow children with nourishment, cultural values and mental impressions (samskara), protection, education, love, warmth, affection and apt guidance. The child’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth is nurtured and developed in the shelter of the parents. The initial phase of the child’s life flows in the stream of pure affection.

The spiritual master makes our journey of life progress towards a divine life. The spiritual master inspires and guides us so that our actions in the material, societal, economic and professional life become selfless detached actions (karma yoga). The spiritual master inspires and guides us to cultivate discretion in our life so that life’s problems and anxieties are solved through virtuous (satvik) and positive means. The spiritual master indicates the direction of the appropriate path.

The spiritual master shapes our life in three ways. He (or she) energizes our inner awakening and inner power through the association of holy persons. The spiritual master generates positivity within us for a new life.

The spiritual master, in the form of Lord Brahma (the creator), gives us a new life. He (or she) brings about a transformation in our speech, conduct and behavior. He (or she) initiates us into a spiritual life by bestowing a Guru mantra.

The spiritual master, in the form of Lord Vishnu (the sustainer), inspires us to enlarge the scope of our thoughts, resolutions and actions. He (or she) inspires us to expand the horizons of our equanimity, tolerance and creativity.

The spiritual master, in the form of Lord Mahesh (Lord of dissolution), eradicates the negativity of our body and mind. He (or she) also destroys the evil forces.

The spiritual master, in the form of this trinity, sows the seed of humanity within us. He (or she) nourishes us with the mental impressions and values (samskara) of truth, love, compassion, non-violence and selfless service. He makes (or she) us cleanse ourselves through the basic values of humanity.

The spiritual master commands us to remain mentally connected with the Supreme Power on a regular basis, so that devotees can advance spiritually. The spiritual master develops virtuous and divine qualities in us through prayer, worship, recitation of holy mantras, meditation, association with holy persons and self-study of scriptures.

My blessings to all of you.

Aum Maa Aum

Rajyogi Narendraji