The glory of the power of resolution


The glory of the power of resolution

08 May 2018, Articles, Rajwani

Serial Number 179                                                                May 2018

“The glory of the power of resolution”

Oxygen is needed to sustain life in this animate and inanimate world of the Supreme Power. In our breathing pattern we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Along with oxygen, there are other gases and atoms spread in the atmosphere. Apart from carbon dioxide, we also exhale other toxic particles.

With the flow of air, a person’s thoughts, resolutions, fragrance, sound and touch also flow in the atmosphere. If the mind’s power of resolution is virtuous (satvik), healthy, positive and sharp then our power of immunity and grasping power is also high. We can conquer negativity.

Through the medium of atmosphere, with the power of virtuous (satvik) resolution, messages can be passed, help and guidance can be sent. A person’s commitment to follow the path of righteousness (dharma) and spirituality, makes the power of resolution stronger.

In the hermitage (ashram) of monks (Rushi-muni), animals (both herbivores and carnivores) would give up their natural instincts and live peacefully together. Polluted thoughts, negative use of occult sciences (tantra), evil forces cannot enter the pious atmosphere charged with holy mantras. True saintly persons (sant, yogis), spiritual masters (sadguru) can use their inner power to release their virtuous (satvik) vibrations in the atmosphere.

In ‘Shraddha Kutir’, the faithful devotees experience peace, joy and divine fragrances. This is because the atmosphere of our ‘Shraddha Kutir’, where Divine Mother (Maa Bhagwati) resides, is charged with vibrations of the holy mantras.

The edifice of the power of resolution must be built on the pillars of virtuousness (satvik), positivity and self-control. In life, our virtuous (satvik) vibrations can be spread in the atmosphere only when truth, love, compassion, restraint and equanimity are established in every atom.

Aum Maa Aum

Rajyogi Narendraji