Richness of ideas


Richness of ideas

11 Jun 2021,

Serial number 216

June 2021

Our great religious books, the scriptures, the holy saints clearly say, “Through his own thoughts, a man can become great, and can prosper.” Our inner thought moulds our outer life. If there is pettiness, inferiority of thoughts inside our mind, then how can we experience culture, prosperity manifest in our external life?

It is through thoughts that our lives are shaped. Self-confidence is the only empress in the realm of life. The manifestation of our speech, behaviour, conduct is grateful to our faith and our conscience.

The horizons of self-confidence can be widened, inner weaknesses can be destroyed, the treasure of pious prosperity can be developed.

With determination, positive thinking, and stanch faith, we get what we want. Only steady hard work will bring our desires to our goal.

If we desire for spiritual prosperity, then our faith, and firm determination to illuminate it in our mind and in our thoughts, makes our aspirations come true.

Aum Ma Aum

– Rajyogi Narendraji