Religion (Dharm)


Religion (Dharm)

07 Mar 2021,

Serial Number: 213

March 2021


What is religion?

Religion shows us a noble way of life; In which love, morality, duty, devotion, good faith, instinctive affection, benevolence, submission, compassion, sensation are the positive emotions, that can adorn our life.

If we want to be pious, in the true sense, we should loyally follow these three things:

  1. Let us adopt religion – morality and devoutness in our life.
  2. Believe in your faith, principles, and values of life.
  3. Cultivate respect for saint, virtuous guru, and gentlemen, who, without any external pretension, naturally conducts religious principles.

The revelation of Almighty, that we try to find through the practice of religion, is already within us.

We just need to be faithful to ourselves. We need to be truly religious, to understand and embrace the values of religion.


Aum Maa Aum


– Rajyogi Naredraji