Lord Shiva has three eyes – (MahaShivratri 2019)


Lord Shiva has three eyes – (MahaShivratri 2019)

19 Mar 2019,

Monday, March 4th, 2019

“Lord Shiva has three eyes”

Beloved children of Lord Shiva,

On this pious occasion of Shivratri, may all of you find communion with Lord Shiva. Let us imbibe the qualities of Lord Shiva and make life blessed.

Our beloved personal deity has a unique form and personality, as well as associated weapons, adornments and sacred animals on which the deity rides. Each of these, have lessons for us to inculcate in our life.

Lord Shiva is said to have three eyes. What is the mystery of these three eyes?

  1. One eye of Lord Shiva has the quality of the Sun.

This quality of the Sun, has the lessons of the attributes and glory of the Sun. The Sun is associated with discipline, regularity, action, continuous activities (karma yogi), spreading joy in the world, enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Creation, destruction and development are a continuous process in the gross and subtle world.

  1. The second eye of Lord Shiva has the quality of the Moon.

The quality of the Moon is to spread coolness, joy and cheerfulness in the gross and subtle world. The Moon inherently accepts its waning and waxing with equanimity. This is a lesson that we must learn from the Moon. The beauty of the waxing moon is associated with coolness and humbleness. The Moon is associated with action and activities (karma yogi). It has the attributes of regularity, discipline and nurturing.

  1. The third eye of Lord Shiva resides in the subtle form in the Ajna Chakra, which is in the forehead region of the body, between the two eyebrows. This third eye is the symbol of virtuous (satvik) knowledge. Awakening of the power of discretion (vivek) and its development and growth, is possible only through virtuous knowledge. The third eye can be understood and activated through worship, chanting of holy mantras, meditation, association with holy persons, self-study of scriptures, recitation of holy names of the Supreme Power and spiritual austerity.

The Supreme Power has also given us three eyes. The two eyes that beautify the face and the eye of knowledge and discretion that resides in the Ajna Chakra.

Let us imbibe the qualities of discipline, regularity, dedication to actions (karma yoga), pleasantness and cheerfulness. Let us absorb the adversities of life, like Lord Shiva who absorbs poison. Let us spread the light of love for the good of oneself and the universe. Let us activate the eye of knowledge through meditation, chanting of holy mantras, spiritual austerity and prayer. Let us develop greater discretion in our conduct in life. Let us demonstrate discretion and positivity in our speech, behavior and conduct. Let us spread the pleasing light of peace and compassion. May you all imbibe the qualities of Lord Shiva and make life worthwhile.

Aum Namah Shivay

           Aum Maa Aum              

Rajyogi Narendraji