Let us shine divinity in life


Let us shine divinity in life

09 May 2021,

Serial number 215

May 2021


If we want our life to be like life, then we must give up our imperfections, weaknesses and the factors that distort our personality. If you want happiness and success in life, if you want to progress, you should avoid laziness and discouragement.


We are not created to stray into the flock like sheep. We can carve our own path like a lion.


It is the struggle in our life, that brings out the essence, power, and brightness within us, and help us shine. Struggle is a great rule of life. Scruffle is the only way to free the path of development in life.


There is no advantage in living a normal life. Our aim should be to live an extraordinary, beneficial, optimistic life by dismissing the ideas of pettiness, to live a responsible life.


Our responsibility is to ourselves, our family, towards our society, our world, and our God. Living an outstanding, noble, worthwhile life requires extraordinary and virtuous ideals.


Adopting which ideals in our life makes our life valuable?


Silence brings stability to the mind, generates a series of thoughts of creativity.

Determination is another ideal.


The virtue of hard work eases the burden of struggles. It is necessary to illuminate the divinity within us, which will ease conflicts and brings joy to life.


Aum Ma Aum


– Rajyogi Naredraji