Let us create pious destiny.


Let us create pious destiny.

04 Apr 2021,

Sr No. 214
April 2021

Those who give will gain more, those who accumulate will lose. An average person
thinks that giving away will reduce their wealth.

This belief of ours is not correct. Anything we give, unselfishly, for welfare of
needy, is accounted for, in the bank of God. This shapes our destiny. The deposits in
God’s bank are multiplied many times and returned to us.

By understanding this inscrutable secret, with feeling of non-attachment and
complete faith, continue giving to the inanimate-animate world of Almighty, and
nurture it. Donating opens the door to prosperity.

In the three steps of Almighty’s incarnation as ‘Vamana’, Bali Raja donated sky,
abyss, and earth to Almighty, with love and God himself became the gatekeeper for
Bali Raja.

To create pious destiny and to be the possessor of God’s grace, we must use at
least ten percent of our earnings and/or income, for charity.

The auspicious consecration of Lakshmi obtained piously and honestly, helps us
create our virtuous destiny.

Aum Maa Aum

– Rajyogi Naredraji