Let the boat of life always go forward


Let the boat of life always go forward

20 Feb 2017, Rajwani

Serial Number 164                                                                February 2017

“Let the boat of life always go forward”

In the ocean of life, we must keep our boat moving forward and make it reach our destination. With this firm resolve, set the goal and make progress. We must make use of whatever means and resources available at our disposal. Let us also use our intellect and energy.

Apart from the material assets such as our body, mind, wealth and other material resources, the Supreme Power has blessed us with several subtle assets:

  1. The ability to think
  2. Imagination power
  3. The capability to make resolutions
  4. The power of intellect
  5. The ability to make efforts
  6. The capability to use time effectively
  7. The power of discernment

These subtle assets must be put in action and continuously used for achieving higher objectives. We progress through our efforts and by the inspiration of the Supreme Power.

The path of progress cannot be paved without self-reliance. Instead of relying on others’ intellect, power and resources, let us take inspiration and guidance from them. The power of the Creator rests within us, so let us continually use this power.

To make progress in life, the value of time and discipline must be understood. To attain success, let us keep the boat of life always going forward.

A car in the neutral gear cannot move forward. By pressing the accelerator of such a car, petrol will be consumed and smoke will emerge. But to make the car move forward, it must be put into gear.

Some people keep their life in neutral gear. They move around in circles, walking the same path repeatedly like a bull tied to a tree. The path of progress does not occur to them. Life passes by in living a monotonous life.

Let us hand over the oars of our boat of life to the Supreme Power. We will be able to cross the ocean of life by the grace, blessings and inspiration of the Supreme Power and our sincere efforts. Let us continually make progress by strengthening our varied inner powers with the elixir like the inspiration of the Supreme Power. We must continually strive to attain the goal.

Aum Maa Aum

Rajyogi Narendraji