Knowledge of the inner self is knowledge of the Almighty


Knowledge of the inner self is knowledge of the Almighty

01 Aug 2016, Rajwani

Sr.No. 158

August 2016


There is a center point within us which is the essence of the soul. This essence of the soul itself is the manifestation of the Almighty in the form of truth (satyam), auspiciousness (shivam) and beauty (sundaram).

The Almighty inspires and guides us through the medium of our inner self (soul). And sometimes the Supreme Power even speaks to us.

What should we do to activate the medium of our inner self? We certainly want to obtain the inspiration and guidance of the Almighty. What is needed is that we must remain a little unattached from the veil of material illusion (maya). We must adopt a childlike purity and simplicity. We must be honest and sincere with ourselves. We must uplift our thoughts, intellect and resolutions and adorn them with spirituality. We must always keep our power of discernment awakened. We must always keep our mental inclinations positive.

When we experience the Supreme Power, with innocence like that of a child, only then are life’s unrevealed mysteries, truths, hidden talents and seeds of knowledge revealed. They start manifesting.

If we abide by the inspiration and voice of the Almighty then the inheritance of knowledge, that resides within us by the grace of the Almighty, will manifest. We will be able to see through matter and recognize what’s within.

For example, “As described in the newspaper article ‘Satya Ghatna’ (True incident), I had seen the golden necklace and Sri Yantra (a geometrical diagram or object used in the worship of the Divine Mother in the tantra philosophy) hidden beneath the bed of the domestic help (maid).”

When we are in communion with the Almighty then the unrevealed happenings of the world become revealed to us. The Almighty includes us in humanitarian activities and management of the universe.

Knowledge of the inner self is knowledge of the Almighty. This knowledge is manifested only through the inspiration of the Almighty.

Aum Maa Aum

Rajyogi Narendraji