Journey of life


Journey of life

21 Feb 2021,

Serial Number 16

October 2004

Journey of our life from birth until death is divided into two parts. One is our social journey, and the other is journey of our soul. Our social voyage takes us on stroll in ocean of illusions and affections. Voyage of soul leads us towards spirituality and helps us experience Almighty in every soul.


If we think about it neutrally, in modern times, most of people’s lives are revolving around social journey. Person’s entire energy and strength is spent chasing illusions (maya). People neither have time nor have understanding to Introvert the journey of soul. In your social journey you can do without a mentor, whereas for journey of soul its is extremely important to have mentorship from a good mentor, sage, pious guru.


Social journey deprived of acts of courtesy, is filled with regret, dejection, anxiety, grief and hatred. These feeling are like thorns hurting our mind and making our mind restless. Restless mind becomes a shelter to diseases and sufferings. We are stuck in vicious circle of life and death (reincarnations).


For journey of soul, we should pray fervently to Almighty and request for his grace. Make it a daily practice to introspect your soul, with a calm mind, at a dedicated time and place. Talk to the almighty residing within ourselves with intimacy, open mindedly and innocence like a child. Receive guidance, inspiration and pray. Make this our daily routine. If possible, make it a practice to spend at least five to ten minutes for journey of soul, just after waking up or just before going to bed. Following this practice, we can try to evaluate ourselves, unbiasedly. We can have fair chance and understanding to improve ourselves, to enhance our strengths, and recognize our capabilities. Journey of life will be valuable (successful).


We can see emergence of strength in a person when he develops enthusiasm to improve himself. The shoots of creeper of self-consciousness starts to appear. The energy and strength to neutrally resolve the problem of this world with discretion is lit within us.


Aum Maa Aum

– Rajyogi Naredraji