Honest Life


Honest Life

01 Mar 2005,

Serial Number 21

March 2005

When cravings are awakened in the human mind, it completely neglects the conscience. These yearnings could be related to any one or more of human’s body, mind, prosperity, position and / or dignity. Obsession marks the onset of dishonesty and improbity (corruption). Wealth, position, prestige and / or honor that are acquired immorally, are called demonic non-pious possessions. It is the fake dazzle (shine). It is the deciding factor that fosters thorny, sad destiny.

Demonic, non-pious possessions and fake dazzle stigmatizes the character of a person. Stings (bites) his soul. It leads to disturbance and restlessness in within. That leaves us forever burning in the fire of anguish. The repercussions of demonic possessions can be experienced in a person’s current life and in his family. One would suffer the fruits of sour, bitter, thorny consequences like diseases, vices, misdemeanors (offensive behavior), broken character, birth of malformed children. Non-pious, corrupt beliefs (values) would follow him for after death and not leave him in reincarnations too.

There is feeling of happiness and peace in living a regular honest life. A virtuous life brightens one’s character. It also adds to the dignity of one’s family, society, state, and nation. Nowadays, when dishonesty, corruption and immorality are rampant (widespread), for a while, it seems to the common man that it is more easy to be dishonest than to follow honesty and morality. With dishonesty, one can have good returns with minimal efforts. It is also difficult for an honest man to survive and continue to work, in this atmosphere of dishonesty.

So, should we let go of honesty, integrity, and ethical living? Nurture dishonesty? Accept dishonesty? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Let us first understand, what is honesty? What is a definition of an honest man? A person who has a good understanding and differentiated good and evil, and lives his life prudently, does his work wholeheartedly, and doing good deeds brings joy to his entire existence. When a person does not except and cooperate in the immoral, non-pious work but instead shows resentment in such work, only such a person can be called honest.

It is one thing to speak or listen about honesty. But practicing honesty in life is a sign of a fearless person. Fearlessness is the only way to develop a virtuous character. You must start from your own house, on yourself first. A person who intends to improve society or the world should start with himself first. “Drop by drop, one can fill the Ocean (ટીપે ટીપે સરોવર ભરાય)” according to this quote when a group of honest and moral people come together, they can change dishonesty. In a group of dishonest and immoral people, an honest person must be careful to keep his character bright, show discretion so as not to fall into the filth of dishonesty or tarnish himself.

Constant remembrance of God, prayers and our patience can help us to strengthen our righteous resolve. Religious company and the refuge of pious guru can provide us guidance and be our motivator.

Only the control of desires, the inculcation of pious beliefs (culture) in the family and the uninterrupted religious company can create a swastika (સ્વસ્તિક) of happiness, peace, contentment, and joy in our lives.

Aum Maa Aum

– Rajyogi Naredraji