Happiness is our basic nature


Happiness is our basic nature

28 Feb 2021,

Serial number: 17

November 2004


In this life, pleasure, ecstasy, enthusiasm and happiness are our basic nature. Since birth, child has never known melancholy. The child does not have the mind to express the feeling of grief. He has never experienced slightest of anxiety his life.


As he grows up and start to develop understanding, he gets feeling of possession and ownership. Then he starts to develop disorders like raag, hatred, envy, greed and ego. Along with these disorders, clouds of anxiety surround him. Anxiety is mother of sorrows. Along with sorrows, we see despair and disgust manifested in him.


We are not born with feeling of sadness and despair. They enter our system later, along with other disorders. So, one thing is clear, this life given by Almighty is to be happy all the time. And never be surrounded by disorders and be miserable. Life has been given to lead it with enthusiasm and happiness.


Almighty’s creation of the world is almighty’s enjoyable grace (leela). We humans, been excerpt of Almighty, its our duty to spread light of happiness, pleasure and mankind, in all living and non-living things of this world.  


With the expression of happiness, our elegance and luster will be shining too. We need to irrigate our creeper of life, with water of happiness and pleasure, for it to blossom. Let our basic nature flourish again. Let life be dignified. Let us try to change, the disorders of other people’s life, into happiness.


We should recognize ourselves and our powers. Never let the clouds of despair, frustration and melancholy, cover them. Power of imagination in our mind is a great blessing. Let us develop this blessing, and we can grab every opportunity of success that come across in our life. If we work hard, we can construct a brighter destiny and be happy forever.


Aum Maa Aum

– Rajyogi Naredraji