Failure is the first step to success


Failure is the first step to success

27 Mar 2021,

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December 2004

When is a human inspired to commit suicide? Man thinks of committing suicide only when he loses the strength to endure sorrows, difficulties, failures, and his intellect is restrained. Suicide or self-immolation is not a solution to any problems, or sorrows. This is a runaway instinct.

When one has sorrow, distress or failure, his faith in God trembles, and is shattered, he rebels against God, suffers from depression. He leaves his home and family, to join the community of Monks (to become a Monk). 

Dear children, sorrows and failures are first step towards success in life. Remembrance of Divine and proximity with God can only happen in times of sorrow. It is in times of sorrow that our mental development takes place. Utensils made of Clay (pottery) can be used only after baking in Nibhada (Bonfire in the Pit).

An Idol can be sculpted out of stone, only after the stone is hammer with sculpting tools. Diamond shines only after its polished. Man is tested only when he has difficult times. Man’s patience, endurance, and intelligence are tested, while doing the work that has difficulties and obstacles. If we fear troubles and we run away from it, it scares us even more and follows us. But when difficulties are encountered, they melt away.

The person who perseveres even amid terrible crises is the one who succeeds. He can be splendid. If you analyze your failures, you can find ray of success and inspiration.

Mother Kunti did not seek happiness from Shri Krishna, instead she asked for sorrows. Because only in sorrow, we can obtain remembrance and proximity of God. In times of adversity, let us pray to God from the depths of our heart and he will answer our prayers. He will provide us with guidance and assistance, we need.


Aum Maa Aum

– Rajyogi Naredraji