Enthusiasm is the light of life


Enthusiasm is the light of life

07 Aug 2021,

Serial Number 27

September 2005


When one experience failure in business, or suffers a loss, or a death of loved one, or a discrepancy occurs in a family, or a student fails an exam, he loses his enthusiasm and dark clouds of despair surround him. Pessimistic thinking and atmosphere will paralyze the human mind. Man’s personality is destroyed. His interest in life withers away. The person is stimulated to suicide. Pessimistic thinking pushes him into deep pit of sin.

If we want to rescue ourselves from pessimistic ideology, take guidance from a saint, have a pious company, and take shelter of God. Pray to God – that “O God, stimulate enthusiasm in me, revive joy in me.” God will hear the prayers that comes from the bottom of our heart. Enthusiastic. optimistic, and noble thoughts will start rising within us.

Make it a routine to pray to Almighty every morning before getting out of bed. Say to the Lord, “Lord, please let today be a day of joy, delight, love, and inspiration.” Prayer is the best way to assure the vitality of life.

If you want to live beautifully, start your day with joy. If you want to achieve something in life, fill your life with delight and enthusiasm. Do not allow pessimistic, rebellious or provocative thinking to enter your mind. Your positive thinking, positive attitude, will bring a fundamental change in your life and thoughts. I say,

Be bright

Be true

Adhere to the truth, disperse the cloud of despair, let the glory hidden within us shine. Let the torrent of enthusiasm flow within us. Let our life be rehabilitated. Our zeal will brighten, enlighten, uplift our life as well as the lives of others around us. Enthusiasm is life, it is the light of life. Enthusiasm is the key to success in life.

Aum Ma Aum

 – Rajyogi Narendraji