Let us keep alive this Universe


Let us keep alive this Universe

20 Jan 2017,

Serial Number 163                                                       January 2017

“Let us keep alive this Universe”

To keep alive this universe, the roots of righteousness (dharma) must be deep. Just like in a full-grown tree. The Universe can sustain only when the roots of righteousness are nourished. Only a person who can maintain equilibrium between the essence (tattva) of righteous actions (dharma), wealth creation (artha) and worldly desires (kama), can live a simple and successful life with one’s family and society at large.

Equilibrium between wealth creation and worldly desire can only be maintained by the essence of righteousness. Ethics, integrity, honesty, charity, morality, penance (tapasya), self-control and contentment are needed to nourish the roots of righteousness.

A person on the path of righteousness has a clean and transparent mind. A person on the path of righteousness must have a trustworthy, truthful, humble and ascetic personality. A person on the path of righteousness should live an affectionate and compassionate life.

We can peacefully swim and cross-over this worldly ocean only when we judiciously know our self and our actions.

We can unlock the possibilities of progress beyond the horizon, only when we see our own limitations and appreciate the greatness in others. We experience true happiness only when we are drenched in surrender and meditating on the Divine.

Happiness or unhappiness, well-being or hardships, is the resulting harvest of what our human mind sows. In all circumstances one should have patience and cultivate equanimity. Let us practice bodily penance (tapasya), and from within follow the soothing path of devotion. Only when this happens, can our human life flourish like the greenery in a forest. To maintain stability of righteousness in life, it is necessary to maintain stability of the mind.

Aum Maa Aum

Rajyogi Narendraji